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Pietential is free for individuals

The Life Balance & Population Wellbeing
Realization System

Pietential is a Holistic Wellbeing Platform







Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Pietential offers individual platform Users a quick (3 minute) online wellbeing assessment that instantly generates a visualization (in the form of a pie chart) of your relationship to your physiology, safety, belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization. It then provides observations and recommendations for wellbeing improvement and in-depth self-improvement exercises to foster your personal growth – and it tracks your progress over time!

Pietential is free for individuals
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With a Dashboard for Organizations That Care about Wellbeing

Your organization can license Pietential for your people, giving each of them insights and tools to assess, visualize, improve, and monitor their wellbeing.

By licensing Pietential for your organization, you’ll also have unprecedented, evidence-based insights into wellbeing at the individual, group, and total population levels. You will have the ability to compare demographic cohorts and set Wellbeing Alerts to notify you of dips in wellbeing. Finally, you’ll have the ability to answer the question that drives every other measurement: “How are our people doing?”

Showing You How Your People are Doing.

Pietential Organizational Dashboard

Pietential Advisor


for HR Leaders of Enterprise Organizations

Securely connect Pietential to your HRIS, visualizing and monitoring wellbeing data according to your employee demographic categories.

Pietential Advisor


for HR Leaders in small to mid-sized companies

Choosing from over 50 demographic categories, SMBs can monitor and compare employee wellbeing, while offering personal growth support.

Pietential Advisor


for professional life coaches

Build understanding and trust with clients (and potential clients) more quickly, and stay connected to them through wellbeing alerts.

Pietential Ngo


for NGO and NPO directors

Measure and monitor the good you do for the populations you serve, and prove the efficacy of your programs in improving their wellbeing.

What is Pietential?

Visualize, Benchmark, Improve & Monitor Organizational Wellbeing

• Support personal growth at the individual level
• Benchmark wellbeing at the individal, group and population levels
• Monitor wellbeing progress
• Set wellbeing alerts
• Compare wellbeing across demographies
• Prove the efficacy of internal wellbeing and DEI programs
• Use the platform independently or integrate it with your HCM or HRIS
• Prove (or disprove) the value of elements of your EAP

Pietential is Wellbeing For All.