Actualize It

The PieMind- "Actualize It!"

Now that you've Realized your current state of Being and identified any gaps, it's time to manifest your goals through the process of Actualization, or what we call "PieMind".

The "Actualize It" section contains exercises aimed at helping you affect transformations in any self-limiting beliefs, your mindset and your behavior.

Actualize It is and intense set of mindfulness and personal development exercises, and an integral part of Pietential's Life Balance Realization System based on your scores. This is the part where you turn observations into conscious actions toward positive change and growth.

A word of caution:

These exercises are not a substitute for professional help. If you are in a life-threatening situation, please seek professional help immediately.

Before you step into the exercises, read through the below to understand their
nature and how you can best navigate them to reap maximum benefit.

  • Like the survey tool, the exercises are divided into the five elements of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Self-Actualization, Esteem & Contribution, Love & Belonging, Safety Needs, and Physiological Needs.

  • Each of the 5 elements is rendered into a set of mindfulness and growth exercises, and you’ll be redirected to the ones aligned with your scores.

  • These exercises will help you overcome self limiting beliefs and practices that might be holding you back from achieving your best self.

  • To begin the process of self actualizing through these exercises, you need to achieve a reflective mood in a setting where you can think deeply about the components that make up your being, like emotions, behaviors, thought patterns, reactions, relationships, insecurities, fears, and more.

  • The exercises are meditative in nature and will need your full attention, alongside the willingness to be vulnerable where you can learn to be with and work with the repressed, neglected, or unexplored parts of your Self.

  • Actualizing parts of yourself can be an adventure or a bit torturous—depending on how you approach it! We hope you choose the former.