An Enterprise Platform for Visualizing, Monitoring, and Improving Employee Wellbeing

Large enterprises can now visualize, monitor, and improve their population’s wellbeing by integrating Pietential with their HR Information Systems. Pietential Enterprise is designed specifically for large organizations already using HRIS platforms and looking for an integrated Employee Experience Software (EXS)/Employee Engagement Software (EES) to better understand and improve their employees’ wellbeing.

What is Pietential?

Pietential is a real-time emotional index that offers organizations insight into the wellbeing of the populations they lead and serve. Through data visualizations, benchmarking, and monitoring, organizations can better understand their employee or client or populations’ needs. The platform also enables organizations to prove the efficacy of their internal programs– and it’s all based on our work in reverse-engineering Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into an online wellbeing survey.

Pietential functions as a wellbeing visualization tool and personal development platform for individuals. It can offer your people insights into their state of being and growth potential while helping them measure and monitor their progress toward certain goals. When opted for by the Adminstrator, Pietential Enterprise also offers self-improvement exercises to further foster personal growth.

Employee Experience Software (EXS):

Pietential Enterprise offers a powerful EXS platform that allows every employee to visualize, monitor, improve, and share their own personal wellbeing with HR, DEI, or wellbeing officers, management, and leadership. The platform is designed to support personal growth and development through the lenses of physiology, safety and security, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. This lets employees measure and monitor their personal development progress while offering observations, recommendations, and self-improvement exercises to foster their personal growth. As an added benefit, these features can be turned off by platform administrators in order to benchmark and measure wellbeing, or to measure the efficacy of internal initiatives.

Employee Engagement Software (EES):

For large organizations with decentralized populations, like national and global corporations, school and university systems, and local, state, and federal agencies, Pietential Enterprise is also an EES. It allows the organization to visualize, quantify and better understand their population’s wellbeing and engagement, in order that they can take steps to improve it. With Pietential Enterprise, organizations can securely visualize anonymized data, and when allowed by the individual (or demanded by the organization’s Privacy Policy) data regarding individual wellbeing. HR platform administrators can also view any number of comparative visualizations segmented into cohorts in any manner in which the client’s HR database is already architected, or choose from over 50 predefined demographic categories.

Get Comparative Analytics on your Population’s Demographics:

Pietential Enterprise provides comparative analytics on over 50 demographics, while also offering autonomy to organizations in customizing their own demographics via their HRIS. By visualizing and analyzing this data, organizations can better understand the unique challenges their employees face, and tailor their wellbeing initiatives to meet their needs.

If you have a diverse population and want to assess the efficacy of your DEI initiatives, or wish to compare the wellbeing of under-represented groups (URG) with others, Pietential Enterprise brings these processes on a single platform.

Assess and Enhance Your Well-culture With Pietential

By prioritizing employee wellbeing and utilizing our platform, companies can improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention rates. And, Pietential can help companies attract and retain top talent by demonstrating a commitment to employee wellbeing, and offering wellbeing data on a candidate’s particular demographic.

We are dedicated to helping companies support their employees, and achieve their business goals. Our platform provides a comprehensive approach to emotional wellbeing, to help employees reach their full potential. At the same time, the platform offers leadership valuable insights about their workforce that can be leveraged to make data-driven decisions toward enhancing employee experience and engagement.

Features and Benefits:

Wellbeing Assessment : Pietential provides an online wellbeing survey based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that renders results in the form of pie and bar charts based on five core needs: Physiological, Safety needs, Love & Belonging, Esteem & Contributions, and Self-Actualization.

Downloadable Reports : With Pietential Enterprise, you can generate and download reports of individual, cohort, and population wellbeing. You can also download reports of comparative analysis via custom selection of demographics.

DEI Program Monitor : Pietential helps organizations monitor DEI program performance, and helps measure the efficacy of your internal programs over time. It ensures that the underrepresented groups in the organization are heard. This helps organizations to make necessary changes in program approach.

Security and Privacy : Pietential is highly committed to user confidentiality. Unless users choose to share their direct scores with their HR department, or if the company’s Privacy Policy demands it, individual data is kept confidential, while the organization can still access the aggregate anonymized data visualizations to understand the wellbeing of their population. This protects the individual’s right to privacy while ensuring that the organization is still able to access important wellbeing data.

Real-time Employee Wellbeing Monitoring : Visualize the wellbeing for any selected period for a particular individual, cohort, or population, and benchmark the wellbeing initiatives as they reflect the personal growth of your population.

Benchmark Employee Welfare : Prove the efficacy of your employee wellbeing initiatives and attract the right talents to your organization.

Capture Early Signs of Employee-related Issues :

Pietential’s admin dashboard’s Threshold Monitor acts as an early warning system, helping organizations stay alert to burnout, quiet quitting, general disengagement, and other negative outcomes associated with poor employee wellbeing.

Dynamic Progress Tracking : Admins can observe the personal growth of individual users over time.

Data-driven Decision-making With access to data analytics and visualization tools, Pietential Enterprise helps organizations make data-driven decisions regarding employee wellbeing and DEI initiatives.

Accelerating Growth Culture : Observations, recommendations, and personal-growth hacking exercises are rendered instantly to help users reach their full potential.


Pietential Enterprise supports members of your organization on their personal growth journey. Individuals can measure their progress through the various stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and receive recommendations and self-improvement exercises to help them achieve their goals, and leadership can visualize the wellbeing of the people they lead and serve.

With Pietential Enterprise, you can take informed and precise steps toward analyzing, visualizing, realizing and actualizing organizational and individual wellbeing.