Executive Summary

With unemployment in the United States at historic lows, people are at a premium like never before. In today’s fastpaced and demanding work environments, it can be a momentous task to ensure that the employees are satisfied with both their work life and their work-life balance. But the wellbeing of current staff is a critical concern that drives employee productivity and engagement and impacts turnover, with its high costs and loss of institutional knowledge.

Pietential’s comprehensive wellbeing benchmarking, improvement, and monitoring platform is designed to tackle this problem for individuals and organizations. For employees, it enables employees to understand their current emotional states and provides customized advice to address problem areas, empowering them to improve their own wellbeing.

Pietential is based on a reverse-engineered version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs containing five elements of wellbeing: Self-Actualization, Self-Esteem and Contribution, Love and Belonging, Safety Needs, and Physiological Needs. With Pietential, a staffer struggling to work productively with a teammate might see a dip in their Love and Belonging score. The tool will then prompt them to analyze their current situation and suggest relevant exercises to improve it. The same information is available to their managers, enabling them to provide support for either solving the disconnect or finding a way to work around the problem.

This white paper provides an in-depth overview of Pietential’s platform and its suite of products, catering to diverse needs and organizational sizes.

The Foundation of Wellbeing

Pietential serves as the cornerstone for optimizing employee wellbeing and engagement. It combines a comprehensive survey, customizable demographics, and data analytics to create a holistic approach to employee experience. By leveraging the power of self-reflection, benchmarking, and personal growth exercises, Pietential empowers individuals to improve their overall wellbeing. Through user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features, Pietential fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, enabling individuals to take proactive steps toward their wellbeing goals.

Transforming Organizational Wellbeing

Pietential Enterprise is designed for large enterprises seeking to enhance employee wellbeing and drive cultural change. By seamlessly integrating with existing HRIS systems, Pietential Enterprise leverages comprehensive data integration and analysis to provide deep insights into employee wellbeing, engagement, and performance.

Customizable demographics and real-time analytics enable organizations to monitor the pulse of their workforce, identify key areas for improvement, and implement targeted interventions. With personalized analysis and actionable recommendations, Pietential Enterprise helps organizations create a supportive and thriving work environment.

Empowering SMBs with Wellbeing

Pietential Business caters to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as a standalone solution. It provides a user-friendly and intuitive platform that enables SMBs to benchmark, improve, and monitor employee wellbeing. With an array of features, including customizable demographics, data visualization, and wellbeing improvement exercises, Pietential Business helps SMBs foster a positive work environment and promote employee wellbeing. The platform offers flexibility in tailoring demographics to an organization’s unique needs, facilitating employee engagement and driving positive outcomes.

Amplifying Social Impact

Pietential NGO is specifically tailored for nonprofit organizations seeking to make a positive difference in the communities they serve. It equips NGOs with the tools to assess, improve, and monitor the wellbeing of their employees and the individuals they support. Through its robust wellbeing monitoring system, Pietential NGO empowers NGOs to amplify their social impact and create a culture of care and support. The platform provides comprehensive data analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling NGOs to measure the effectiveness of their wellbeing programs and drive sustainable change.

Guiding Organizations to Success

Pietential Advisor is a valuable resource for consultants, coaches, and wellbeing professionals. It provides a comprehensive toolkit to assess, guide, and support organizations in their journey towards enhanced employee wellbeing. With customizable demographics, data-driven insights, and wellbeing-improvement recommendations, Pietential Advisor helps professionals deliver strategic and impactful wellbeing solutions to their clients. The platform’s robust features enable advisors to identify key areas for improvement, design tailored interventions, and track the progress of their clients’ wellbeing initiatives.


Through its user-centric approach and innovative features, Pietential is transforming how organizations approach employee wellbeing, driving positive change and fostering a culture of compassion. As the landscape of work continues to evolve, Pietential remains at the forefront of employee experience and wellbeing, committed to empowering organizations and individuals to reach their full potential.

Pietential’s comprehensive platform and suite of products offer organizations of all sizes the opportunity to unlock the potential of employee wellbeing. By providing data-driven insights, Pietential empowers individuals, enhances organizational culture, and drives positive change. No matter if the need is in a large enterprise, SMB, nonprofit organizations, or wellbeing professionals, Pietential’s suite of products provides the tools needed to foster a thriving and engaged workforce.