Meet Sarah, a life coach specializing in personal development and wellbeing. Sarah licenses Pietential Advisor to understand and monitor her clients’ wellbeing while leveraging the platform to attract and engage potential new clients. Here’s how she utilizes Pietential Advisor:

Client Wellbeing Monitoring: Sarah invites her existing clients to complete the wellbeing assessments provided by Pietential Advisor. Clients are evaluated on five key aspects of their lives: Self-Actualization, Self-Esteem and Contribution, Love and Belonging, Safety Needs, and Physiological Needs. These assessments help her understand their overall wellbeing and allow her to gain valuable insights into their emotional state, areas of improvement, and progress over time. The platform’s dashboard provides Sarah with an overview of her clients’ wellbeing scores and trends, enabling her to track their overall progress and identify areas that require additional support.

Data-Informed Coaching: By incorporating Pietential Advisor into her coaching process, Sarah can access realtime client wellbeing data. This data provides her with valuable information to guide her coaching sessions and tailor her approach based on her clients’ specific needs and challenges. The platform’s recommendations and exercises further enhance the coaching experience, allowing Sarah to provide targeted support for her clients’ personal growth.

Freemium Offering to Prospective Clients: Sarah strategically uses some of her available seat licenses in Pietential Advisor to offer a freemium service to potential new clients. By providing access to the platform’s wellbeing assessments, Sarah can engage in deeper conversations about their results and foster trust and connection from the start. This approach helps build a strong rapport and demonstrates the value Sarah can offer as a coach.

Proactive Wellbeing Management: Utilizing the platform’s threshold monitoring system, Sarah can stay ahead of her clients’ wellbeing scores when they dip below a certain level. If she notices a significant decline in any client’s wellbeing, she proactively reaches out to offer support and address any concerns. This level of care and attention helps her maintain a solid client-coach relationship and ensures her clients feel supported throughout their personal growth journey.

Enhanced Client Retention: With Pietential Advisor, Sarah gains deeper insights into her clients’ wellbeing, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of their needs and progress. This enhanced awareness enables her to provide tailored guidance, celebrate their successes, and address potential challenges promptly. As a result, her clients feel valued and supported, improving client satisfaction and increasing client retention rates.

Personal Growth-Hacking Exercises (optional): At the end of each analysis, Pietential Advisor offers observations and exercises that can help Sarah’s clients build resilience, develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence, process their emotions, understand their role in society, and learn practical skills to manage stress and build healthy habits. All of this is done as part of assisting them with elevating their state of wellbeing. Sarah can also turn off these features if she only wishes to utilize the survey, data visualization, and comparative analysis features.

Data-Driven Business Growth: The data and analytics provided by Pietential Advisor empower Sarah to measure the effectiveness of her coaching programs. She can identify patterns, track client outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to optimize her coaching strategies. These insights also enable her to showcase the impact of her services to potential clients and stakeholders, further contributing to the growth of her coaching practice.

By leveraging Pietential Advisor, Sarah, a professional life coach, gains a deeper understanding of her clients’ wellbeing, builds trust with potential clients through the freemium offering, and delivers personalized coaching that leads to improved client outcomes.

The platform’s features and insights empower her to offer targeted support, proactively manage her clients’ wellbeing, and establish a strong foundation for long-term client relationships.

This use case exemplifies how Pietential Advisor can be a valuable tool for life coaches, helping them provide exceptional support, engage potential clients, and drive business growth through a data-informed and personalized approach to coaching.

Note: Sarah is an amalgamation of multiple Pietential customers and does not represent a single individual.