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Pietential was founded in 2019 and is based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and we're on a mission to bring our Life Balance Realization System to the world! The Pietential platform empowers people and organizations to better understand and realize their potential. We have 3 bottom lines: Helping to heal this troubled world through making a positive impact on society; being an ethical profitable company that serves the stakeholders around the world who believe in and support our mission as well as the interest of our shareholders; and creating "Wellbeing for All". Pietential is committed to being a democratizing force for good for people and communities, regardless of their financial situation. So, we keep the Pietential platform free for individual Users around the world and license it to organizations who are committed to the wellbeing of the people they lead and serve.

The Pie Story

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is that of a more
balanced, more equitable world,
where every person and every
organization has the opportunity to
understand and realize their full

Our Mission

Our Vision

Pietential is on a Mission to bring its
Life Balance Realization System to
the world. Every day we wake up
and share this opportunity for
personal, organizational,
community, and global growth.

Our Values

Our Vision

Pietential is a democratizing force
for personal, organizational,
community and global well-being.

What Pietential Do

Pietential empowers people to Visualize their current state of being, Analyze ideas and actions towards improvement, Realize their human and/or organizational potential, and Actualize changes by monitoring progress towards the life and organizational balance they envision.

Pietential's Origin Story

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Amy Newman Smith

Director of Marketing Communications

Amy Newman Smith is a versatile professional with a genuine passion for making a positive impact in various fields. Raised in different parts of the world due to her family's military background, she eventually settled in Cleveland, USA, with her husband and children.
Throughout her career, Amy has contributed to the success of organizations like the Jewish Review of Books, where she held roles in writing, editing, and project management. She believes in the power of collaboration and continuous learning.
Sustainability and low-waste living are close to Amy's heart. She humbly shares ideas and tips through a blog she authors, hoping to inspire others to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. It's not about being an expert, but rather being someone who cares and wants to inspire others.
Currently, Amy serves as the Communications Director at Pietential, where she enjoys exploring ways to enhance communications and make a positive impact.