The Kaleidoscope of Quiet Quitting: 11 Ways to Manage Your Employees Better  

“Hey, I don’t wanna work here anymore,”  whispers a man inaudibly, knocking on his boss’s door, in an Instagram video interestingly titled “Me quiet quitting but not understanding the concept at all.” This hilarious video is one of many posted on social media platforms on a phenomenon called Quiet Quitting.  As social media becomes a […]

11 Ways to Build Value based Relationships Between Employees.

Imagine you are browsing through your local supermarket, and you spot a familiar product. It was recommended by your favorite food blogger, who shares recipes based on locally available ingredients. You value their advice because you strongly believe in eating locally available foods. And so, you grab that product.  This is the power of value […]

What is a Good Employee Satisfaction Index? – Know 11 ways to achieve it!

Highlights The Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) is a measure that helps you understand how satisfied your employees are. Any value above 0 is a positive ESI score; the nearer it is to 100, the better the employee satisfaction level.  11 Ways to achieve better Good employee satisfaction indexTransparency in the organization, The choice to make […]

5 Ways to Adopt Sustainable Practices in Your Workplace

An innocent solution to world poverty or hunger often pops up on the Internet – if X billionaires donated Y for the cause, it would set things straight. This solution, born out of simple math, appears convincing. The responsibility of sustainability falls into the hands of those who seemingly benefit the most from a system […]

S.M.A.R.T Goal-Setting: Aligning Personal and Professional Goals

Highlights An organization and its employees rely on each other for mutual welfare. Organizations have multiple strategies in place as part of their HRM (Human Resources Management) to keep their employees motivated. Today’s organizational setup comprises employees from different demographics and generations, ensuring diversity. One of the many contemporary evolving needs is work-life balance, which […]

Role of Organizations in Work Life Balance

Key Takeaways Work life balance might be the most debated concept of the 21st century and will continue to be a mandatory topic for board room meetings. Its importance has grown over time, with millennials and Gen Z occupying major organizational positions. The days of compensation weighing most heavily in the job selection criteria is […]