Is Unconscious Bias Undermining Your Your DEI Efforts? Here’s How to Eliminate the Problem

In today’s society, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are essential aspects of creating a more harmonious and equal world. However, despite increased awareness and efforts to promote DEI in workplaces, unconscious bias remains a significant challenge in achieving this goal.  Unconscious bias is a set of assumptions and beliefs that are deeply ingrained and often […]

Burnout in Healthcare Professionals

What do healthcare professionals do when they fall sick? In the post-pandemic world, they work. Despite their unmet physiological needs and deteriorating mental health during the pandemic, these wellbeing workers went to work. Health care worker burnout rises out of such conditions. It takes a long period of time for burnout to set in, and […]

Women in the Workplace and the Broken Rung of Advancement

Highlights Promotions for Women: The ‘broken rung’ Phenomenon Hurdles in Promotion Aren’t the Only Difficulties Faced by Women Gender Diversity: The Road to Mutual Growth The COVID-19 Effect: A Revolution for Professional Workspaces 5 Ways to Fix the broken rung Affirmative action is the way to go Recognize women leaders Be receptive to your employees’ […]

Accommodating the New Gen: 11 Things Gen Z Expect From Their Workplace

Just a few years ago, the number of millennial workers entering the workforce experienced a dramatic increase in the business sector. Today, organizations have to change their work cultures and align with the evolving global financial system to attract and keep top personnel. A new generation of job searchers, known as the Gen Z workforce, […]

Expanding DEI: 11 Ways to have a Neurodivergent Inclusive Workplace

We often agree that no two humans think the same. When we witness people whose behaviors and ways of learning differ from the “predefined normal,” we label them as not normal rather than neurodivergent. We also treat them differently in social, academic, and corporate circles.  Today, many organizations are championing their diversity, equity, and inclusion […]

Reward and Recognition: 11 Ways to Drive Positive Motivation in Organizations 

Progress often comes with change driven by the desire to do better. But imagine this: if you went to work daily without any incentives or recognition to motivate you to give your best, wouldn’t life become a collection of mundane days? Do your employees have something to look forward to while going to work? Are […]

Boosting Employee Engagement and Productivity: Aligning Organizational Goals to Personal Goals

Aligning personal and organizational goals is crucial for employee engagement and productivity. Aligned goals lead to a positive work experience and stronger relationships between employees. They can also help in boosting employee engagement and productivity. This can be done by emphasizing the importance of goals, providing feedback on progress, and offering resources for goal achievement. […]

The Kaleidoscope of Quiet Quitting: 11 Ways to Manage Your Employees Better  

“Hey, I don’t wanna work here anymore,”  whispers a man inaudibly, knocking on his boss’s door, in an Instagram video interestingly titled “Me quiet quitting but not understanding the concept at all.” This hilarious video is one of many posted on social media platforms on a phenomenon called Quiet Quitting.  As social media becomes a […]

11 Ways to Build Value based Relationships Between Employees.

Imagine you are browsing through your local supermarket, and you spot a familiar product. It was recommended by your favorite food blogger, who shares recipes based on locally available ingredients. You value their advice because you strongly believe in eating locally available foods. And so, you grab that product.  This is the power of value […]

5 Ways to Adopt Sustainable Practices in Your Workplace

An innocent solution to world poverty or hunger often pops up on the Internet – if X billionaires donated Y for the cause, it would set things straight. This solution, born out of simple math, appears convincing. The responsibility of sustainability falls into the hands of those who seemingly benefit the most from a system […]

S.M.A.R.T Goal-Setting: Aligning Personal and Professional Goals

Highlights An organization and its employees rely on each other for mutual welfare. Organizations have multiple strategies in place as part of their HRM (Human Resources Management) to keep their employees motivated. Today’s organizational setup comprises employees from different demographics and generations, ensuring diversity. One of the many contemporary evolving needs is work-life balance, which […]